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As the Home Automation space continues to grow, Aura Intelligence wants to make your home Smarter, Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective, Comfortable and Secure. At Aura Intelligence we provide you with the finest Smart Home Strategy that arms you with complete information and power to control your house. Spanning Appliance Controls, Surveillance Systems, Hubs, Energy-Saving Devices, Monitors, and Security Devices - Aura Intelligence empowers you with Multiple Channel Connectivity to control all automations in your home. Prided as one of the best affordable Home Automation Solutions Providers in the market, Aura Intelligence exploits the latest innovative technologies to deliver Home Automation Solutions with one motto ‘Live life easy!’



Keeping your home secure and safe is our key focus

With fully automated and total remote control over home security systems including doorbell cameras, outdoor surveillance cameras, smart locks, alarms, etc., you can guarantee complete security for your home round the clock - 24x7.



Match Moods and Preferences with Voice Commands and Mobile App

Thanks to innovative controls, cloud-based remote access and wireless technology, your home automations are now command-ready to offer you with outputs set to your moods and choices. Remotely monitor and control all your connected devices and gadgets to match your mood patterns and preferences.


Anytime! Anywhere!

Whether you are around, or away! Take Control

Home automation systems come with exceptional automatic functionalities Easily program random events anytime - from anywhere. Intuitively relay a sense like someone is always present at home by remotely controlling security cameras, door locks, alarms, window entry sensors, window blinds, smoke detectors, thermostats, automatic lights, et al.



Easy integration with existing Wiring, Switches and Appliances

Easily retrofit your existing home automation into any space. Our highly effective retrofit home automation system solutions seamlessly integrate with any existing smart components to effortlessly optimize your levels of safety, comfort, and energy-efficiency.



Schedule scenes and automations – create your favorite moments

Make life easy! Effortlessly set up timers for AC, Window Shades, Home Appliances, Automatic Lights, Heating, and more. For example, you can setup a “Night” scene to a preset time for turning lights off in your home, set the thermostat for a cooler environment, and close the window shades at predetermined intervals.


Home automation system makes the operations of various home appliances more convenient and saves energy. It involves automatic controlling of all electrical or electronic devices in homes or even remotely through wireless communication. Centralized control of lighting equipments, air conditioning and heating, audio/video systems, security systems, kitchen appliances and all other equipments used in home systems is possible with this system.


Whether you are home or away, monitor activities in and around your house, receive alerts in real- time. Take total control of your home lights, thermostat, TV, audio speakers, locks, security cameras, appliances, and more – by using just a single Mobile App.

Mobile Apps

Get total home hub control at your fingertips! Smart home automation gives you access to high-tech functionality allowing you to manage all your home devices using one single app on your smart phone.

Thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice enabled assistants, voice commands now let you talk to your house for convenient, effortless, and complete home automation control. Just say ‘Alexa, cool my room at 5 degree’ to your voice assistant - and it’s done!

Say Hello To Your Voice Assistant!

This is Artificial Intelligence at its best! Use voice control to easily adjust your home automation gadgets and devices by simply ushering your voice commands.

Make your home more conveniant for you by detecting environment temprature, humidity and luminance and set the temprature and lighting the way you want.

Smart Sensors – For Smart Homes

Armed with absolutely wonderful capabilities, smart sensor technology lends home automation the magic touch! Keep an eye on your home security with Motion, Temperature or Smoke detectors that instantaneously.

There's virtually no limit to scheduling functionalities with smart home automation! Powered with exceptionally innovative technologies.

My Home – My Schedule

Easily set schedule program the smart home systems to control door locks, security cameras, window entry sensors, alarms, window blinds, thermostats, automatic lights, water pumps / splinklers / filters

Get Home automation at your fingertips with Instagram, Facebook messenger services, and more! Simply chat via social media services on your smart phone mobile devices, send and receive commands to and from your smart-home systems in real-time.

Chat with your home

No longer limited to interacting just with people, Social Media platforms now come with added functionalities to let you remotely control gadgets and devices!

No external changes required to the existing switch panel and wiring.

Advanced Technology Manual Switches

The manual switches fully co-ordinate with controls of existing switches i.e. allow the user to use the switches physically.


Experience the exciting world of home automation! Whether you're at home, in another city, or anywhere
– get fingertip control of all your devices and gadgets through your smart phone. Remain in charge of your security system, alarm, multimedia system, movement censors, security cameras, activated lighting, thermostat, window shades and more. With Aura Intelligence at your service, enjoy convenience and peace of mind like never before.

Make Smart Home Project

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